Welcome to my Blog about Bull Terriers

My Bull Terrier

I recently acquired a 7 month old English Bull Terrier in Dallas and named her Sasha. When I got her she was housebroken and knew how to sit. At the moment I am working on down and how to properly walk on a leash without her getting distracted by people and other dogs. She was born in June 2011 and was a whopping 48lbs the day i got her. She is very powerful and strong willed.I usually create an information packed website when I get into something new to record my experiences and share with others that have a similar interest. This is my first Canine website on owning a Bull Terrier in Dallas so it should be interesting.

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Bull Terrier Diet

Bull Terriers need a proper diet so I feed Sasha 50 / 50 Dry Puppy Chow from Purina mixed with canned wet food from Pedigree. I am still experimenting to see which treats she likes the best. She liked beggin strips for the first few days of ownership but now she refuses to eat it. Cow femurs looks like its a favorite and I get them at the Tom thumb grocery in Dallas for $2 a lb. I read that Bull Terriers do very well on a RAW diet so I will probably look in BARF somewhere down the road.

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Bull Terrier Exercise

Bull Terriers need tons of exercise exercise so during the week we take a one Mile walk every morning to play fetch in the dog park in Dallas for one hour then another Mile back home. When I get home from work I walk her around the neighborhood for 1 mile. On the weekends we go to the park for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday to walk the trails and play fetch. Her neck is wider than her body so I got her a harness because the collar kept slipping off.

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